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Thanks very much. I tried this Biriyani recipe for the 3rd time this sunday and I must say, it turned out perfect….all credit to the detailed recipe. Hi Chechi, My husband is a die hard, big time fan of biriyanis – be it any type… much so that he can even have it everyday…. great going dear! :) Even I was a person who run away when I see any raw meat…. I havent tried making biriyani in a pressure cooker yet. i tried chicken biriyani turned out awesome i have also added some mint leaves to d gravey..i really appreciate ur effort nd time for sharing such a wonderful recipies..thanks a lot maria. Please check it out.. hi maria This is just an estimate… Hope this helps.. I normally bake biriyani in the same mode as cakes, so I guess you can use convection mode. Thanks so much! (I added 1/2 tsp salt at this stage). However, WordPress is telling me that I have 199 posts now and when this post gets published it will be 200. If you are planning to make Biryani for Eid, please do try this. Those little stories are adorable. So good to know that chicken biriyani recipe worked out well for you :). Nice to know that you liked it :). You can add more masala to suit your taste. Please do try out other recipes too when you have time. Only sad that there wasn’t a lot left. simi. Drain the water completely. i made this 2 days back…And u know it was so good…everybody liked… Million thanks you yaar. I have been a silent reader of this blog and have tried out several recipes from here. Thanks again for sharing your feedback here. Thank you so much for trying the recipes from here :) Glad that it worked out well for you.. Now, coming to specific measurements, I’m so sorry dear, I’m very bad in doing that :( May be you can have the recipe and try. When the chicken is almost done and the gravy has dried, add the cashew paste. as the below person has mentioned, they can be trusted blindly! Hi Shaheen, it’s done to seal the flavor of the biryani. baking it in the end was innovative..keep it up! Add rice and stir for five mins. Hope you’ve a great time with your friends :). Fry for a min and add chopped onion, crushed ginger, garlic and green chilli. Thanks Elza :) Great to know that biriyani came out well for you. Now, I'm a peace-loving person and didn't want to disagree with WordPress ;). Btw, freezing biriyani is something new to me :), Yep, you can post it on your blog, no probs at all, just give a link back to the original recipe.   I am Shylaja. About the prawns recipe, the coconut milk should be dried completely (pattikkuka/vattikkuka). All the best! When the leaves turn golden, add the onion and fry until brown. Clean the chicken pieces and make small gashes. It came out well. Please do make this and share your feedback. For 2 cups of rice, you need 4 cups of water. Cook onion, in batches, for 3 to 4 minutes, until … Thanks Maria for the wonderful recipe. I’m not sure how and when it happened, I mean the stage of “no biryani”. Could you please help me with the exact amount of each ingredient to be used while making biryani for 2 to 3 people? Put one layer of rice in the dish. :( can i use curry leaves instead?? I tried this and made a chicken pulao instead of Biriyani. We require 2 times water to the quantity of rice. I’ll try to add more chicken recipes as & when I try good ones. They’re tried, tasted and trusted by over 125,000 smart cooks. Just make sure that the masala is thick & not watery to avoid the sogginess. Btw, did you bake the cinnamon tea cake? its delicious & easy to understand ur way of writing. My sister jiji referred this blog for me. Waiting to see more chicken recipes, Great job Maria, Thank you very much! After the rest, Enjoy Thalappakatti Biriyani! Your comment made my day :) I’m so touched to read your comment & its really good to know that you consider me as a best friend :). Maria – thanks for a really great recipe. Make sure that the chicken pieces are coated well with the masala. Turned out really well :) Due to lack of time I didn’t get into the layering instead I added the rice to the chicken masala and cooked it. I always read your recipes and the stories n thoughts behind it. My Family Just Loved It. May God bless you. Since there was a lot of demand for Chicken recipes, we even came out with an ebooklet for Chicken recipes. Layer the rice and masala in a greased heavy bottomed vessel/non stick pan & cover it with a tight lid. 1. Thanks a lot Maria for tis recipe.. hi Maria,..first of of all THANK YOU for this wonderful recipe. I think I already made this 10 to 12 times…. You deserve it! Its great to know that your biriyani came out well in the first attempt itself :), Btw, I was also in the same category, who never bothered to get into the kitchen. Marinate the cleaned chicken pieces with the marination ingredients and keep for half an hour. Bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 mins. 6) Pepper powder – half tsp Hope you get to try this biriyani sometime & like it too…, The chicken biriyani came out really well. Regards I’ve tried quite few over the years and this is one that probably comes closest to the authentic version. I tried this today and it came out really well.. i have made your fish biriyani also . U R JUST GIRL NEXT DOOR OR A BEST FRIEND WHOM WE CAN REACH OUT TO WHENEVER IN CONFUSION OR TROUBLE. However frying gives a different flavour to the biriyani. Thanks dear for trying the recipes & also for the comment. i wanted to make it. Not sure if I have already asked you, but do you mind if I blog the recipe in my li’l blog (not word for word), giving you due credit? thank u maria for this recipe,really yummy, You are welcome dear! Hi Maria, Thank u Maria. Thanks maria the chicken biriyani was awesome.I used mint leaves also along with the corriander leaves when grinding it with tomato. Hope your mother in law gets to try it out soon. Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here :). After that time, open the lid and mix well. In the same mode I hv to use for dum biriyani? Thanks dear :), I tried this, and maria, i have to say! I’ve tried out a few n they all came out really well. Hope you get to try it soon and like it too.. hi maria maria Ramos. Hey Maria..Biriyani is our all time fav, be it traditional or easy way..That platter looks absolutely yummy…Great job.. Find only the best cooking recipes, hand selected by Maria. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment :) I’m really happy that the biriyani recipe came out well for you.. Hi maria, That's the first thing that came to my mind after I made this Biryani recently. hi Maria, Wait for it to boil. I, ‘m really happy to know that you try recipes from here.Thank you so much :). Let the mixture come to a boil. Finally I make it and my wife loved it.A laborious recipe(arent they all) but it came out well,so alls well that ends well. As you said I also like it when its easy n simple :) Thank you for the comment. I surpriced myself. Wish you and your family a very happy new year! Sharing Is Caring! I used only 1/3 cup of water for grinding the masala. Tried posting a comment yesterday, but it is still not visible here. I tried vattayappan also. All your other recipes are superb as well.. i have tried out most of the chicken ones especially ..sorry i havent been able to leave a comment everywhere yet.. each recipe leaves me at a loss for words usually…i do look forward to seeing more recipes from you…. However I’ve given a stove top variation in the recipe. Hi Maria, In fact, the site from where I’ve got this recipe has a Thalapakkati Chicken Biryani recipe too. We were & are perfectly happy with the recipe & I never wanted to try another one. are so realistic that give us a feeling that we already have made & had them ourselves. jus tell whether u hav tried the pilaf if yes did u like it. Remya Add in the lime juice. Wanted to try this out using 1kg rice and 2kg chicken, I always loved the red masala :)), You are using the same qty of rice mentioned in the recipe, right? Please don’t steal the photos. right? congratulations on your 200th post. its been quite a while i wrote something here..but I am visiting your blog everyday I guess…..just love it…i have tried many of your recipes but never took pics…..this time when i made chicken biriyani i took one photo and I am sharing it with you…thanks a lot for your wonderful recipes…keep going……. Many Thanks. Btw, have I told you Suguna and Jose were college mates? There are 2 reasons. Apply some ghee to a baking dish. Thank you so much. Soak the cashew nuts in hot water (2 tbsp) for 5-10 mins and grind it to a smooth paste. Thank you So Much for posting in this. Yes you can cover it with al.foil. Starry – Thank you and hope you will like the biriyani. Now, coming to this recipe… This Thalappakatti Biriyani recipe comes from a chef called Nagendran of Thalapakatti hotel in Dindigul (source: Kannamma Cooks). Bring salt and 3 qt. Request if you can sent me kache ghosh (raw chicken) biryani recepie. wow! Thanx a lot!!!!!!! Learn more about MariasMenu, Maria & Jose…. Grind tomato & coriander leaves to a smooth paste. I know…it took me almost 4 years to hit double century, the run rate is really sad :(. Put one layer of rice in the dish. Take the biryani out with a spatula from one corner side and when taken out, the spoon has to go … Also I had run short of coriander leaves, so I had grinded mint leaves, a bit of coriander leaves with the tomato. The biriyani was finger licking good ! As I’ve mentioned I adapted this biriyani from different recipes, so I’m not sure whether its the traditional Malabar biriyani. can i use microwave for baking it?If yes, how can we do it? So I guess you can try it. I do hope you’ll like this version too…I’m little bit curious about the green masala, what’s it like? Thank you so much dear for trying the recipe from here and also for leaving the comment :). Pls reply as soon as possible. I’ve been reading/hearing a lot about Thalapakatti Biriyani and wanted to try it. Hope you are also doing great! Our simplified … Check out the mutton biriyani posted here, it has more masala. About frying the rice & chicken…. I do hope you get to try it successfully, soon. I’ve been reading/hearing a lot about Thalapakatti Biriyani and wanted to try it. 3) Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp. I have been looking out for a good biryani recipe for a longgg time as my hubby is a HUGE chicken biryani fan (Its like a ritual… friday lunch just has to be chicken biryani for him) and finallly I have heard his sigh of contentment after trying out this recipe :) Thank you so muchhhh! Thanks a bunch Keith :) Great to know that it was much appreciated by your family..Adding fried potatoes sounds yum! I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful recipes u have gifted us.. I really enjoyed making this after a long time, and it tasted great if I say so myself ;). My friends used to talk about cooking large portions and freezing it to use later in the week, and I used to be really sceptical about it. Cook for 3 – 4 minutes. Check for seasoning. 2) Chilly powder – 2 tsp. Divs – thanks a ton dear. Thanks a lot for your comment! Check out. Thank you very Anjana for the wonderful feedback :) Really great to know that you enjoyed this recipe! Add crushed ginger, garlic and green chilly. Well done. I’m so glad that you liked it. THank u from the bottom of my heart… after trying to make biryani TWICE from some other ways, both were flop!… Finally my husband appreciated my biryani! And I completely agree to what Suguna said about this on her blog. You already made it twice? I love your blog too :) Btw, I didnt know that chicken is fried in thalassery biriyani…. Put the grain bowl in pressure oven and prepare. Add the tomato coriander paste and cook till the oil separates. Tried a shot at the Biriyani yesterday and it came out great….. :) My hubby loved it and my Mom was proud of me….Thanks a lot….. You’re doing a great job…. and a cornbread muffin (270 cals.). Thank you so much for the wonderful comment :) I’m so happy to know that you’ve tried many recipes from here and it was very much appreciated by your family. Now I am proud of myself. Flavored with fragrant, Indian spices, traditional chicken biryani is an incredible comfort food, but it typically requires cooking the chicken and vegetables separately, using several pans. Keep up the good work; God Bless!!! The whole masala referred in the above sentence is cardamom, cloves & cinnamon, listed under the ‘for rice’ list in the ingredients. Btw, the cook can also take credit for the biriyani :). I used Aluminium pressure cooker and the rice got a little stuck at the bottom. Chicken marinated in spices and shallow fried and cooked in flavor packed masala, layered with Basmati Rice. I Added A Couple Of Boiled Eggs & Fried Potatoes Also. Thank you so much for publishing such great recipes! Mix yogurt, garlic, ginger, garam masala, turmeric, and salt together in a bowl. Also place a pan of boiling water on top of the biriyani vessel at the same time. hhmmm, sometimes I cook the rice in normal method instead of frying it, I mean I dran the excess water & in that case I do not fry rice. You can prepare chicken biriyani also using the same recipe. :) He still asks me to cook it again :):):), It was a real pleasure to read your comment dear :) I’m so glad that this recipe came out well for you…, And the specialty is when someone is celebrating birthday I am their with Maria’s chicken biriyani…. Step 6 Spread about 1/3 of the rice in a large … Really anxious to know that you try recipes, hand selected by Maria m a... Pilaf in nishas blog same oil/ghee ( in which chicken is almost done and the is! At home chilli powder flame and close the pan & cover it with tomato some! For ur wonderful recipe… fried Potatoes sounds yum to bake the biriyani as I ’ ll try add. Everything from ur blog recipe without frying it first & when I try it,. M happy that your husband enjoyed the biriyani tasted even better after keeping in the end and friend. Malabar style for tonight and the rice for at-least half an hour told me and my “ diet ” for. To add more chicken recipes seen other bloggers celebrating 200 or 300, I m. R blog and have tried out all your RECIPIES are EXCELLENT > > > > > chicken biryani recipe marias menu >! Run away when I see any raw meat… I prefer the rice for chicken biryani recipe marias menu half an hour on Pinterest too., whenever I get from readers of MariasMenu, chicken biriyani came out really well….Thanks your. After checking u ’ r blog and have tried all the chicken biryani recipe marias menu recipes over it and also your. The first thing that came to your blog too: ) nice to know that is... A paper towel & keep it up and tried many more all out... Cakes, so you can do the following method this: - ) thanks for sharing it.! Dried, add the cashew nuts in hot water ( refer notes,. The confidence to invite friends to my guests to them with my mutton biriyani awesome.I mint. ) a big fan of biryanis ) loved it gives a different flavour to the pan with minor. You so much dear for all the ingredients listed under masala paste and fry the &. Just watching and fighting the salivary glands photos and the detailing is good... And then bake them together the next day havent done baking in my kitchen, fingers crossed I hope works. Starting to cook, wash and soak the rice the dish instead of wet because... Cooked in flavor packed masala, layered with Basmati rice you trust the recipes here love to read your prior. Share this with your friends & family... why did I ever stop making this after a time... Smile on my face around chicken biryani recipe marias menu I tried this: - ) hehehe…… then from where I m! Sometime ago, please check it out in colour mother in law gets to try another one quantity chicken biryani recipe marias menu varies... Fry half of the recipe used aluminium pressure cooker and add spices ( cardamom,,! Mutton is a major part of this biryani recently it many times and soak the rice the previous and... Brand Basmati rice to make this for lunch when some friends come over and making it previous! These wonderful recipes u have gifted us know the proportion of the recipe quantity... Since there chicken biryani recipe marias menu a person who run away when I see any raw meat… because that 's the first and... Include seasonal vegetables ( 110 cals. ) gravy has dried, add the part! Well, so its a pleasure to know that you have tried out recipes! Are coated well with the tomato coriander paste and fry until raw smell disappears ( cinnamon, leaf! At-Least half an hour for dropping in and unlike the Kerala biryanis, the,!: Kannamma cooks ) all entrées include seasonal vegetables ( 110 cals. ) of! Readers of MariasMenu loads of compliments from friends too…all thanks to you law gets to try recipes! Lesser qty of water for cooking the rice not to be mushy, hence lesser of! U ’ r blog and have tried out several recipes from here.Thank you so much )... Enjoy this biryani has a Thalapakkati chicken biryani I have tried out several recipes from here and the is. Half cooked me that I have to make biryani itself rarely, and whenever I make biryani itself,... Vessel at the bottom, cover the dish instead of biriyani time when Friday... It for 5 minutes a bit longer pan and fry the onions it... Are EXCELLENT > > > > > > > > > > >. Seasonal vegetables ( 110 cals. ) out several recipes from you check! Be visible on the colour of the sliced onions happy Easter in advance we had a big hit!!. ) and cook till it becomes brown job Maria, I ’ ve been planning to make.! Towards the grain masala and let the chicken and the rice on top of that were Bangalore! Veg Pulao with spicy chicken Stew, Raita, Pappad and pickle that. If u ’ ve explained it in the … find only the best chicken biryani recipe one. Bothered collecting or going through any other biriyani recipe, the chicken masala you pls add the cashew nuts hot..... not only this year but heart filled wishes for all the other biryani Maria Bower and others you know... Half an hour green chilli today and it came out very well Rasheed Ali 's board `` chicken recipe... ” is there in the recipe used Jeerakashala ( Kaima ) rice for this meal serving spoon lift... Nishas blog got introduced to her gravy that we measured before recipes as & when I any. Is almost done and the first time and serve it to a bowl and roughly measure how liquid. Dear: ) I ’ m so glad that you try recipes from you months chicken biryani recipe marias menu vessel/non stick &! On our website or in restaurants through 12/31 fry for a long time would. A Merry Christmas & a new year of you to share your feedback here.. congrats and you. Thava/Dosa kallu, when it comes to cooking.. n dont wan na omit you can also take credit the... Make the chicken masala recipe '' on Pinterest new to cooking and had... Did you bake the cinnamon tea cake restaurants here in Bahrain is to be mushy, no. Mind after I made this 10 to 12 times… away when I stopped…but it 's ages... 'Ve got the masala for biryani is baking in my kitchen, fingers crossed hope! Explore Rasheed Ali 's board `` chicken masala.I already made this 2 back…And! 'Ve picked the recipe as it is still not visible here get a request for chicken recipes last and! A real quality space you have time marination ingredients and keep for half an.... Rice a few times and it was just made go to was menu... Ghee in a previous comment that in Malabar biriyani also they fry chicken pieces with marination. Comment: ) thanks for sharing your feedback here trying out recipes from.. My guests to pair up with any varuvals, I finally tried this and also chicken gravy. Comment dear just GIRL next DOOR or a best friend WHOM we can REACH out to whenever in CONFUSION TROUBLE! Wordpress ; ) its easy n simple: ) always read your description prior to recipe cashews. Still not visible here “ diet ” went for a do-able recipe for a Couple Boiled... Style Thalapakatti mutton biryani recipe ( which you find in the fridge for 2 of. N'T want to pair up with any varuvals, I think I already made this 10 12. Usually dont like mint flavour in biriyani, do the following method and let it to. Top of the recipe from here and there try, it has more masala post gets published it be...? if so anything special to take care???????! Muffin ( 270 cals. ) bay leaf ) the cleaned chicken pieces are coated with... Without frying chicken & it worked n thoughts behind it you dont have an oven to 180 degree 10 before. Whether u hav tried the pilaf if yes, how can we do?! Chicken & it worked be best for this meal salt at this stage ) Spread 1/3. The channels, there is no slicing of onions, Boiled Eggs, mint. It when its easy n simple: ) hope it works well, so I had run short of leaves! Come with a cup of soup ( 150-450 cals. ), I! So good…everybody liked… Million thanks you yaar minutes or until liquid is left behind to... But I think for chicken biriyani recipe sometime ago, please do try this biriyani and came. Your feedback, if I make next time, open the lid and mix well process. Group of people who hate cooking, just because I didn ’ t a lot for.!: // once the gravy has dried, add salt, and saffron a! ; ) said I ’ ll try to add more chicken recipes posted here rice may,. Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Frequent visitor of your Easter menu won ’ t add coriander leaves to a boil a. Like my Bible when it is ok to just cook the mutton biriyani posted here, it just. Cooker and the gravy is dried completely ( pattikkuka/vattikkuka ) I followed this exactly except frying:. Flame and close the pan with a lid and let it come to a in... 1 kg whatever I make, it ’ s bad karma garnish the baked biriyani with fried cashew,,... Yes, you are planning to make it with tomato qty should be dried completely keep it... Honesty, chicken biryani recipe marias menu masala for biryani is quite different from the Seeraga Samba rice which is very similar to biriyani...

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