performatrin ultra vs blue buffalo

I don't know much about it, but it may have better ingredients than the regular old performatrin. While Blue Buffalo did have a recall for one wet formula due to elevated levels of beef thyroid, this was a voluntary recall on Blue Buffalo’s part, and no reports of sick or ill pets was received by their customer support team. Hello, For the longest time I was feeding my cat Nutro Natural Choice dry food (which she liked) but have noticed in the past year or so that she always has itchy skin and is constantly scratching herself.My vet has told me that it could be due to a food allergy. Cheap too, if you can buy it … Instead, Blue Buffalo took the initiative and issued a recall, even without complaint from customers. oz. So I recently bought the small breed formula thinking the kibbles would be smaller. Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato & Fish Formula. I have a yellow lab and I alternate between Nutro Ultra and Buffalo Blue. Blue Buffalo has had many more recalls on their dog food than Fromm, which would make me trust Fromm more.

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